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The Sheldon Room

Located in the Shorewood Village Center (3920 N. Murray Ave.) the Sheldon Room provides community access to some of our collection as well as a place to purchase our publications and request information. The Sheldon Room is open by appointment. Email shorewoodhistory@yahoo.com or call 414-847-2726 to schedule a meeting.

Wisconsin Historical Society
Milwaukee County  Historical Society
Shorewood marker

Shorewood houses have a story to tell. House style, changes over time, and the people who have called the house their home, all add to the story. Just knowing when a house was built tells us a lot about materials used and neighborhood development.

To encourage people to learn and share more about their home and neighborhood, the Shorewood Historical Society is selling handsome granite markers that designate the “birth date” of an individual home. The markers are 8 in. square and will be placed in the boulevard in front of the home.

See BIRTHDAY MARKERS for more information and purchasing information.

About Us

The Village of Shorewood is nestled between Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River, just north of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Shorewood Historical Society was formed in 1984 to preserve and promote the rich history of our Village.  Our collection of documents, pictures and other artifacts inspires research and educational programming and encourages us to serve as the institutional memory of our Village.

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